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5G Perspective

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WHAT DOES THE 5G SMARTPHONE PORTFOLIO LOOK LIKE? These are some examples of devices launched by the mobile brands and Networks so far in 2019. EE - OnePlus 7 Pro 5G 5G RE Samsung Galaxy S10 5G WHAT WILL THE 5G DATA DEVICE PORTFOLIO LOOK LIKE? We believe it will include: entry level modems, entry-level MiFi devices for shared usage, mid-range MiFi devices for sharing and networking, and fixed Booster/Access devices for sharing and optimising coverage. OPPO Reno 5G PAGE 12

WHICH BRAND PARTNERS ARE OFFERING PRODUCT? Based on products shown at MWC Barcelona 2019 ADY • Huawei have a typical MiFi device with the latest WiFi technology. With their chipsets overall, there is backward compatibility to 3G/4G. There is a CPE product now launched by Vodafone called the 5G GigaCube that is for homes and small business providing greater sharing, accessibility and best download speeds. • Sierra Wireless have a range of modules in design and development • HTC 5G Hub runs on Android 9, with up to 20 connections, good battery life and is ideal for consumers and SME’s. Initially available through EE. • Alcatel have a MiFi device coming, pricing TBC. This will be a much lower specification than the Huawei or HTC devices with up to 2GB download and half the battery time of the HTC Hub. • Motorola 5G Mod is an attachment as part of their ‘Mods’ clip on range. Others products shown include the NetGear Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot and Inseego 5G Mobile Hotspot. There were also various indoor and outdoor boosters from the likes of ZTE and Huawei. PAGE 13