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5G Perspective

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USAGE SC The ITU Radiocommunication Sector has defined three main types of usage scenarios that 5G is expected to enable. They are Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications and Massive Machine-Type Communications. Enhanced Mobile Broadband refers to using 5G as an evolution of 4G LTE mobile broadband services with faster connections, higher throughput and more capacity. 5G would need to deliver higher capacity, enhanced connectivity and higher user mobility to meet these criteria. Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) refers to using 5G in missioncritical applications, such as factory automation, where the un-interrupted and robust exchange of data is of the utmost importance. Massive Machine-Type Communications refers to using the wide-area IoT, consisting of large numbers of low-cost devices with high-scalability requirements and increased battery life. Some examples of how 5G will meet these usage scenarios: • 5G will enable users to download a movie in seconds or to stream a 4K movie without any buffering. DATA STORAGE The resulting Big Video explosion will drive even more IT spending towards cloud storage as the most costeffective solution for storing large amounts of data. TRANSPORT & PUBLIC SAFETY Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-toinfrastructure communication will make roads safer and more environmentally friendly, while allowing buses and public transportation to run more efficiently. MEDIA & GAMING The 5G system combines the advantages of high throughput, low latency with mobility so that users requiring high performance, such as professional gamers, get a wireline-like experience when on the move. NEW TECHNOLOGY 5G should make AR and VR technologies much faster, with much more data flow. With easier and more accessible use, for a variety of different functions (besides video gaming), widespread adoption seems likely. STREAMING As 5G networks become prevalent and a high speed, low latency connection is widely available for consumers, brands will create immersive, mixed reality experiences as a matter of course. And with the IoT and more connected personal devices, there will be a digital overlay to our real-world environments, with infinite possibilities for media interactions. PAGE 16

ENARIOS EDUCATION Benefits of 5G in the classroom include immersive lessons with AR and VR. Smart classroom IoT saves teachers time, download videos in seconds, greater assistance for students with special needs and more flexible learning. ENERGY Including the distribution of energy within a smart-grid. Smart meters for the home, remote monitoring of energy sites such as windfarms and solar farms and energy efficiency and reducing the effects of climate change. AGRICULTURE 5G will provide real-time data in amazing ways and when used alongside agricultural practices, these new abilities to monitor, track and automate systems in lightning fast speed will give rise to smart-farming. BROADCASTING 5G Broadcast (EnTV) creates an opportunity to broaden their reach as it allows them to address mobile devices directly, free to air, including scenarios where a mobile SIM card is not needed. Network Operators are able to enhance their business by offering their services to content providers to deliver high data rate content to their mobile users simultaneously with other Networks. HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE 5G-enabled technology will power improvements in telecare and telehealth imaging and data collection, aggregation and analysis. The super-fast connectivity will enable the widescale adoption of telehealth video conferencing, so that patients can ‘visit’ their GP on their smartphones or devices. • We’re also likely to see a big leap forward in VR and AR applications, as 5G’s low latency and high capacity will enable the remote handling of advanced processing rather than local handling on mobile devices and headsets. • The greater capacity will also lead to an explosion in IoT devices, with everything from refrigerators and lights to cars and advertising hoardings connecting to one another. The IoT is already taking off, but with the speed and capacity delivered by 5G, we might one day see almost every device become ‘smart’ and connected. The previous applications are enhancements of what we already have, but 5G is set to enable allnew markets. • Experts say that 5G will be fundamental to the rise of autonomous cars because they will need a constant low-latency connection to the Internet and to one another. • 5G will also be essential for other critical scenarios, such as remote surgery, with doctors controlling medical robots from across the world. The ability to monitor and control robots and even whole factories remotely and in real time will also prove transformative in the world of industry. PAGE 17