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5G Perspective

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THE 5G PERSPECTIVE The purpose of this publication is to provide an overview of 5G and to present the following topics: • How does it work? • How does it differentiate from 3G and 4G? • Who are the target markets and why? • What are the scenarios from consumers to SMBs and enterprise-level businesses? • What are the early and future products, the latest network tariffs, referencing documents and articles? • Finally, what will be the role of Data Select? PAGE 4

Data Select is a leading UK mobile and tech distributor that has been adding value for its resellers since 1999. As 5G begins its rollout in the UK, we will be fully focused on working with smartphone and tablet brands to provide added value to their distribution of 5G devices. However, for our efforts to be successful, we need to present and sell the benefits and rationale of 5G technology in a way that our staff, our resellers and their customers understand, so that our resellers can make an informed commitment to sell the technology and that their customers can make an informed decision to buy it. The key is to identify why our resellers should sell the technology and why their customers should buy it. However, it’s not as simple as selling 5G by just stressing the fact that ‘it’s quicker’. We must consider and present the following points: • How does 5G work? • Which are the target markets and why? • What does 5G technology mean for them? • Why would 5G improve current connectivity and overall experience? • How would 5G improve or simplify current connectivity options? • How can 5G improve accessibility and sharing capacity? Commercialising the opportunities will be key. We need to determine how to sell 5G to which target markets, what is included with the devices, what are the accompanying products, and what are the costs. The role of our Mobile Solutions team will be to present the above to all levels with relevant graphics, presentations and specifications, while providing an appropriate portfolio for all channels, including retail, B2B, consumers, SMEs and enterprise-level businesses. PAGE 5